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After his popularity skyrocketed while hosting the Morning Live show during no more than 18 months (from July 2000 to March 2002), Michaël Youn is finally back on M6 20 years later. And since the channel gave him carte blanche, you will see that he has lost none of his craziness and impertinence.

With his longtime friends, Vincent Desagnat and Benjamin Morgaine, he comes back to the Mother House for two special event nights simply titled:
“The Morning Night.”
“Morning” because it’s the name of the trio. And “Night” because, this time, it will happen at night. In prime.

The program includes a “comedy show” full of humor, mockery and self-mockery especialy, that they’ve prepared for months. It’s an original format with previously unseen sequences, some happenings, sketches, parodies, fake advertisements, songs… and some guests.
Besides Charlotte Gabris and Tom Villa, who joined the group to help make these nights even more explosive… Michaël will welcome, in each show, 6 guests among his friends whether they are comedians, actors or singers. Therefore, Jenifer, Audrey Fleurot, Inès Reg, Isabelle Nanty, Claudia Tagbo, Big Flo & Oli, Jarry, Philippe Lacheau, François-Xavier Demaison, Arnaud Ducret, or even Jamel made sure to be there together for this big return.

But the guests didn’t just come to laugh and make us laugh… They also came to… win! Indeed, throughout the show, they will face off through challenges each crazier than the other. And at the end, one of them will go home with a unique prize in French TV: a total carte blanche of 10 minutes on air on M6, broadcasted right after the prime. Now, that’s classy!